When the Wizard of Oz transforms into a digital ace to become the SEO Wizard.

SEOZ.MU, is an agency specialized in natural referencing and helps companies in their web visibility strategy.

The primary mission of SEOZ.MU is to find digital solutions adapted to your project, in order to allow you to appear on the first page of Google.mu

Natural referencing

What is SEO?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the mechanism allowing search engines to sort the search results on a query.

Indeed, if you search for “Seo” on google.mu search engine, it will evaluate all the websites that might interest you and rank them in the top 10 search on the first page of google.mu.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is free, because you can't pay search engines to influence it.

On the opposite, (SEA or Search Engine Advertising) is chargeable in order to reach the top of the results pages in the form of advertising (Google Ads).

What are the benefits of SEO Marketing?

1.Creating quality (coherent) content helps in achieving good SEO. Knowing how to use the right keywords on your site will help your website appear on amongst the first results on Google. Knowing also how to maximize your resources, time with the right keywords, will allow you to obtain a good return on investment and also on other areas of expertise, such as emailings, generation of prospects, and, of course, a gain for your CSR (Corporate Social Networks).

2. SEO Marketing, will make you gain in the medium and long term free traffic and / or at a more or less reduced cost.

3. Ensures the reliability of your website because if it is well ranked by Google SEO or engines, it will inspire confidence in Internet users and your future customers.

4. SEO Marketing will also promote an environment of continuous improvement of the General quality of your website.

Mobile SEO

What is mobile SEO?

Mobile referencing is the SEO activity that aims to optimize positioning, but also the visibility of content specifically adapted to consultation on mobile phones.

How to optimize your site for mobile SEO?

There are 3 methods to make your site compatible with mobile navigation:

  • Responsive design: your website automatically adapts to the size of the screen used thanks to your URL and an HTLM code.
  • Dynamic delivery: this means that your URL does not change but the HTML code is very different depending on the medium used by the Internet user. Therefore, the web server detects the medium and adapts the content according to it.
  • Singular URL: This option consists of creating a specific website for mobile use with a different URL and HTLM code from the desktop site.

What are the specificities of mobile referencing?

Of course, mobile referencing adopts the same rules as SEO, quality content and backlinks, information on tags, keywords, etc.

There are, however, a few differences:

  • Mobile optimization is done by design.
  • The loading speed of the site is important, therefore it is essential to optimize the images, simplify the design, the menus on the display ... etc.
  • The user experience (User Friendly) includes adapting the size of content, images, titles, fonts among others.

The main objectives of mobile SEO

With the increasing number of searches carried out from a smartphone or a tablet, Google has improved its algorithm regarding natural referencing.

Google now takes into account websites optimized with a mobile version and improves their positioning in its search engine.

The objectives are:

  • Be visible from a mobile phone or tablet and reach a very large number of users
  • Maintain an advantage over your competitor in the search engines
  • Know and be able to adapt to new user habits

    Local or international referencing

    Local or international referencing, global or targeted by a specific country and / or by language.

    You are a Mauritian company but your end customers are in French-speaking European countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc…) we will reference your site on these countries as a priority and not only on google.mu.

    We can on Google.mu either refer you to google in English, google in French or google in Creole or exclusively on one of the three if your targeted audience uses one of these specific languages.

Video SEO (VSEO)

VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques aimed at optimizing the visibility of videos, mainly on Youtube, but also on competing platforms such as DailyMotion or Rutube.

VSEO is a good way of taking advantage from the traffic of the second largest search engine in the world.

The world leader in online video distribution, YouTube remains a significant source of potential visitors. In addition, video content is one of the most powerful and most engaging marketing levers today.

Not neglecting or ignoring the SEO of your videos, will help you:

  • To benefit from enhanced visibility in the second largest engine in the world and, indirectly, from additional Google visibility;
  • To reach a targeted audience, thus increasing the engagement rate and your ROI.

How to optimize your videos on Youtube?

As with the natural referencing of your website, the optimization of your video content must be done in accordance with the guidelines imposed by Google.

metadata: YouTube is currently unable to understand the content of a video. Only the metadata present in the video makes this understanding possible, and therefore the appearance of your clip in its suggestions. The metadata is the title of your video, but also its description or the keywords (the "tags"). This information must therefore be considered in order to be able to target the target audience in a relevant way;

  • the subtitling which facilitates the comprehension of the video and therefore its sharing.
  • the format: adapt the duration of your content to your target. If the most viewed duration hardly exceeds 90 seconds, some films may be longer if this proves to be relevant (tutorial, etc.). The goal is not to lose the visitor on the way.
  • Optimized thumbnail: When downloading a video, YouTube selects a thumbnail at random. This is rarely optimized. Choose the most relevant to increase the click-through rate, and therefore its positioning in the search results.
  • Video quality: Crisp HD soundtrack and images are essential.
  • Netlinking: for a quality VSEO, it is also necessary to think about setting up a netlinking strategy.

Web writing (SEO)

Bring more to your content, create new pages to index, promote your linkbaiting ... etc, there are plenty of good reasons to develop your web content.

SEOZ.MU professional web writing team, offers you the right formula, with the words that will allow you to achieve these goals.

"Conciseness, precision, fluidity" is the motto of our web editor.

Relevant photos, a touch of video, a pinch of computer graphics, under the expertise of our Web Editor: your web content ready to be online!

Whatever your project: creation of landing pages, redesign of existing sections, proposal of thematic content, production of lexicons, creation of blog articles, writing agendas, our team adapts to your web strategy and improves its referencing natural.

We understand your needs, which are mainly the following:

  • Be impactful and convincing with regard to Internet users

    by offering them quality content

  • Improve your visibility

    with SEO optimized content

  • Have external links

    with quality content

Our strength:


Depending on your needs, we determine the keywords and specifications for your web content.


Our editorial team is specialized and sensitive to the challenges of web writing, as well as the SEO.


A dedicated project manager monitors your project to deliver content in line with your digital strategy.

Online reputation Management

To be able to advise you on your image (brand / name / company / products /) on the net, we proceed as follows:

The Online ‘Image audit’

SEOZ.MU agency offers a quantitative (state of your online reputation) and qualitative (the image you project to the public).

Performing an Online Image audit, shows what Internet users who are interested in you or your company see online.

What are the objectives of the e-reputation audit?

  • Establish a survey of your e-reputation with different audiences
  • Analyse what can or could harm your image on the internet.
  • Establish the risks
  • Etablir les opportunités

Following this audit:

  • We write a full report with oral presentation, within 3,to 4 weeks.
  • Our intervention price varies depending on the problem of your organization and the scope to be covered. We provide a quote, free of charge of course, following a telephone interview with you, which allows us to establish the right price.

Agency SEO

SEOZ.MU Agency, a French Mauritian agency, with young talents and experienced professionals. We are passionate about the digital world.

Following the successful experience on the local market with our company Interactivelab, we have decided in 2021 to offer new digital services and to create the company SEOZ.MU

We love to connect brands with their audiences, strengthen internal organizations and act on the company's mission.

David CEO
Stephanie Managing Director